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09 Sep
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There are many reasons to choose Jiangsu University for MBBS. The very first reason is its location. It is located in China which is a developed country and it is doing all the efforts to establish good relations with the governments of different countries. It is making various policies to support the higher education of international students. It is signing agreements with countries to establish tie-ups for providing different kinds of scholarships, and other education support. Here are some of the reasons to study MBBS in Jiangsu University.

Low Fees

Most of the medical universities in China are known for charging very less amount of fees. There are only 10% to 15% of countries in the world out of 191 countries that are developed in real sense. A country is developed when 80% of a population is running very well income. Most of the families in the world are of the middle class or top middle class. These families form a price-sensitive market. This is the reason China is trying its best to make the universities charge the least amount so that most of the students in the world can afford medical education and they can prove themselves qualitatively.


China is considered as a strict country. It is strict as far as the law is concerned and the atmosphere provided by the universities of China is also strict. It is very necessary as far as the strictness in medical colleges is concerned. Becoming a doctor and pursuing the degree of MBBS is not a joke. It needs the highest quality of effort. Then only a very intelligent student can become a doctor with this prestigious degree. When the students get the atmosphere of strictness, then only they become disciplined and study well.

Convenient Weather

If you are from India or any other nearby country, it is easy for you to get settled in China because of familiar weather conditions. Weather plays a very important role in concentration. It is going to be a big deal if you happen to get a country for higher studies which are going to give you almost similar weather conditions as we’re there in your country. It is a blessing for you because, in bad weather conditions, it is not possible to keep the mood fresh and study well. If you go to some country with unfavorable weather conditions, you may have to take 3 to 6 months to get adjusted in the new weather.

Internship in India

There are 5 years of MBBS degree. The fifth-year of MBBS is a completed internship. The good news is that you made pursue the final year of your internship in India. You may also pursue your internship in the final year from any other country in case you are not an Indian or if you want to do your internship in some other foreign country. Is that not a great deal! You must establish good Public Relations in the country where you want to get settled and the final year of internship can play a very important role in it.

3 hrs Break on Weekends

You will be able to get a break for almost three hours on weekends. All the students have to study a lot when they go to study MBBS in Jiangsu University. This break is completely official and all the students are supposed to utilize it. In other universities, it is not so. The students have to take an official break or leave their college to go out and do some shopping or some other important activities. This is the reason; it is an important factor in favor of Jiangsu University.

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