Accommodation Facilities in Jiangsu University

16 Oct
jiangsu university

Jiangsu University is situated in a well-known historic and cultural city that looks not only beautiful but also famous too for the southern bank of the Yangtze River at Zhenjiang. Jiangsu University is a key comprehensive university to study MBBS in China the teaching quality of Jiangsu University is award-winning where the university has wined many awards by the education ministry of china for the academic results. Jiangsu University has a research center too for medical researchers; Jiangsu University provides some of the main courses for the engineering students, medical students, science students, and management and humanities students.

Overview of the Jiangsu University

Jiangsu University is located in Zhenjiang which is in the Jiangsu province in south China Jiangsu University consisted of 3 campuses for MBBS in China or for other courses the main campus of Jiangsu University is the MengXi campus the second on is North campus and the third one is Zhongshan campus. Jiangsu University students can live in a campus hostel or in dormitory too.

Accommodation fees of Jiangsu University 

Jiangsu university fees (accommodation) would be charged 4900 RMB in every semester.

Students are suggested to notify the rules before entering the university 

Advance unnecessary booking in the campus hostel is not allowed.

  • The graduate students will get permission from the authorities if they renting accommodation outside of the campus.
  • The check-in facility for international students is 24 hours available.
  • There is no Hotel on the campus of Jiangsu University China
  • Students have to pay the accommodation fee with the Jiangsu University fees during admission.
  • Students have to Check-in before the semester will begin.
  • If any student wants to live off-campus there is a facility to get permission from the administrative office and then he/she can move the place.
  • Male and female students are not allowed to share the room without formal marriage proof.



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