10 Facts About Jiangsu University China

23 Oct
Jiangsu University

10 Facts About Jiangsu University China

We are mentioning here the Jiangsu University some important points those are mentioned below, the university is highly ranked among the top universities in China that have secured 724 ranked worldwide and 69 national rank, the establishment of the Jiangsu University China tracked back from 1902 with the combination of Science and Technology the University was established to make the world-class university for MBBS course. Jiangsu University is located at Zhenjiang city of Jiangsu Province.

At present, the university offered 83 undergraduate degree programs in 9 courses, China is the oldest civilization maybe since 5,000-year-old and china is continuously recycled itself.

Jiangsu University feesare also affordable for Indian families which are lower than any other Country for the MBBS course.

Tuition Fee: 3, 42,516 INR

  • Accommodation fee: 49,385 INR
  • Visa & Insurance: 10, 078 INR
  • Application Fee: 4,031 INR
  • Registration Fee: 2,015 INR
  • Dormitory Deposit: 5,038 INR
  • Physical Examination: 20,154 INR

Jiangsu University is very strict to follow all the rules so students are suggested to notify the rules before entering the university.

  1. Accommodation Facilities in Jiangsu University is the best.
  2. The check-in facility for international students in the hostel and dormitory building is allowed for 24 hours.
  3. If any student wants to live off-campus there is a facility to get permission from the administrative office and then he/she can move the place.
  4. Jiangsu University offering a Bi-lingual education system for international students so that they could understand well the subject.
  5. Jiangsu University located from the distance of Shanghai so students can get a chance to visit the city with friends and refresh the mind.
  6. Jiangsu University celebrates International Cultural Festival every year.
  7. Jiangsu University organized a sports event every year at the campus to keep the students fit and through the sports students gets interaction with another student too, sports event brings the students together on through these competitions.

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