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Jiangsu University offers various offices inside the college, i.e. arranged in the charming city. The go out understudies of JSU trusts that from here universal understudies can show signs of improvement encounter. The amicable condition or regions can assist guests with understanding the Chinese culture, and legacy. Along these lines we can state that JSU’s positioning is expanding quickly. Discussing the most prevalent subjects of JSU are Engineering, Clinical Medicine, science, Agricultural Engineering and Material Sciences that are positioned in the highest position, i.e. 1% in the ESI.

In this manner we can state that you can without much of a stretch possess the way of life of China and feel good inside a while. Here you will encounter the extraordinary forces of various societies, investigate the appealing appeal of Chinese culture. Along these lines we can state that in these 4-5 years of MBBS you will take in some essential certainties, for example, “how to remain freely”. The college is well-known among in overall regions in view of its high-innovation foundation and various certainties which you will acknowledge in the wake of visiting here. The expense of a college is said, and it is by all accounts reasonable for everybody.

Jiangsu University was built up through the mix of Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Zhenjiang Medical College and Zhenjiang Teachers’ College, under the authorization of the Chinese Ministry of Education in August, 2001.Its principle establishment was the previous Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, which was one of the 88 key colleges assigned by the State Council in 1978.Its history started with Sanjiang Normal School established in 1902, which advanced and renamed Liangjiang Normal School in 1906, Nanjing Higher Normal School in 1915, National Southeastern University in 1921, Disi Zhongshan University in 1927, Jiangsu University in February and Central University in March 1928, and Nanjing University in 1949. Nanjing University Engineering College progressed toward becoming Nanjing Polytechnic Institute in 1952 and afterward in 1960 a piece of it ended up free and moved to Zhenjiang one year from now and later moved toward becoming Jiangsu University of Science and Technology. It renamed Jiangsu University when converged with two schools in a similar city in 2001.

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Jiangsu University (JSU) was established in 1902 as a piece of Sanjiang Normal University. It was retitled as Jiangsu University by incorporating Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Zhenjiang Medical College and Zhenjiang Teachers’ College with the endorsement of the Ministry of Education of China in August, 2001. The college’s undergrad instructing was reviewed astounding by the Ministry of Education in 2004. It has created to be a national complete key college. As per the Evaluations of China’s Universities in 2017, 2016 and 2015 by China Academy of Management Science, JSU is positioned 41, 48 and 55, separately. It is focused on developing abilities with 4C (Confidence, Communication, Cooperation and Creation). Presently the college is propelling the new introduction of tutoring for abnormal state, inquire about situated college with quality of building and procedure of internationalization.

JSU has been advancing abnormal state explore. In the ongoing 5 years, the aggregate logical research subsidize sums to 25 billion RMB, supported by the legislatures and endeavors. The approved licenses in 2014 positioned 12 and in 2015 positioned 6 among China’s colleges. Five orders have been positioned as best 1% in ESI, for example, Engineering, Clinical Medicine, Materials Science, Chemistry, and Agriculture Science. Drawing on the enormous assortments of projects and multi-disciplinary qualities, we work a variety of research establishments and focuses filling in as both the scholastic research organizations and mechanical advancement source at the national and territorial levels.

Who we are:

JSU has always offered courses according to the internationalization of the tutoring, empowering employees and understudies to travel to another country for additionally ponders, welcoming more foreign students to go along with us for common advantages, advancing universal research coordinated effort and in addition enlisting all the more abroad understudies. JSU has consented to institutional participation arrangements with 87 colleges in 30 nations and districts overall. The Confucius Institute co-worked by JSU and Graz University (Austria) has been working easily since October 2010, trailed by the opening of the cooperative Chinese-German Language and Culture Center.

Where you can find us :

Jiangsu University is located in the heart of China. With over 100 year old record and academics one can sheerly count by the campus of University. Located at Xuefu road , one can easily seek admission in the university with the help of national application program method or by applying internationally through their international exchange programe for education, wherein students are empowered and asked to come together and study according to the international patterns.


The campus is equipped with state of the art facilities which is imparted to the students of Jiangsu University. From Libraries for specialized courses to Ticket Booking availability at the doorstep, one can easily attain things in a blink of an eye.


There is a special library piled with books pertaining to data and documents science. What’s more, Scientific Information Institute has been built up, where there are in excess of 20 logical specialists, among whom there are five educators and 8 PhDs. Jiangsu University Library looks to coordinate with colleges at home and abroad, for example, Wuhan University, Nanjing University, and University of Illinois and so on. Offlate, the library has attempted in excess of 40 activities of the national social and mechanical science and innovation. The diary Library and Information Research has been established to incorporate scholarly, learned and lucid concepts.

Insurance & Health

While pursuing education, there can be numerous cases wherein you may require medical insurance or insurance to cover your hospital needs. Hence, the international students can opt to buy one according to their needs staying back in campus so that the policy can cover any ailment they may suffer during studies.


Jiangsu University’s Sport Facilities comprise of Main Campus Gym, Zhongshan Gym, Dongshan Playground, Xishan Playground, Jingjiang Playground, 6 Outdoor Tennis Courts, 2 Sand Beach Volleyball Grounds, 40 Basketball and Volleyball Courts, a Roller Skating Field, an Indoor Swimming pool and an Outdoor Swimming pool. As the emblematic working of Jiangsu University, the principle grounds rec center covers a territory of 13,800m2. On the ground floor, there are table tennis corridor, rocking the bowling alley room, weight training room and hand to hand fighting room. The principle rivalry zone is on the second floor with almost 3000 seats. The fundamental grounds exercise center is the preparation setting of the National Youth Volleyball Team under General Administration of Sport of China. The playing grounds and rec centers are in the charge of scene administration focus of Sports Department of Jiangsu University. The game offices are available to all the Jiangsu University’s understudies, employees and the general population.


The hostels oblige all students and postgraduates at home and abroad. Each condo building is furnished with coin-worked programmed clothes washer and cooling. There are some free administrations, for example, needle and string bundle, expanding administration, smaller scale wave broiler and hair-dryer, and so on. One-stop benefit is offered in Overseas Students’ Apartment. The data of all segments is given in both Chinese and English and all gathering staff utilize English and Mandarin to speak with them. There are various administrations, for example, the POS settlement, one-time charge, traveler administrations to meet visitors, message, stationery, mail gathering, value list, and pleasing notification, and tourism administrations.

Local Bank Accounts

You can open a local account with Bank of China and can pull back assets utilizing a passbook and additionally an ATM card for the record issued in Zhenjiang. When voyaging, utilize the ATM card for withdrawl. You ought to dependably convey adequate cash in real money to cover crises.

Traveler's Cheque

Getting a Traveler’s cheque in a foreign country as a student can be the toughest task. However, Bank of China can help in issuing traveler’s cheque without inquiring much , just on the basis of the ID card from Jiangsu University.

Ticket Services

There is a ticket office within the campus, close School of Automotive and Traffic Engineering. Transport and prepare tickets are accessible here, with a commission of CNY 5 for each ticket.