JSU offers 88 undergrad programs, 170 ace projects, and 42 PhD programs in 10 scholarly fields: Engineering, Science, Management, Economics, Medicine, Law, Education, Literature and History. The college has 13 post-doctoral research stations. Recognized among its companions for its scholastic thoroughness, the 24 schools are contending and working together with one another for an abnormal state, examine arranged college with particular highlights and internationalization technique.

Here is a list of courses offered in the Campus of Jiangsu University:


While the Science related courses offered in Jiangsu university are not that extensive, but the few which they have proper faculty members as well as a disciplined administrative unit to convey and clear out doubts In the field of medical science and pharmacy. Special schools named as Faculty of Science, School of Medicine and School of Pharmacy is what they have biforcuated the education system to. These departments offer student a chance to pursue bachelors, masters and Phd. Programmes in the field of science and technology.

To get an admission in the Medical Branch in Jiangsu University, one ought to spend upto 6.78K USD per year as fees for education.


The other courses offered are from various other streams such as Engineering and Arts. Jiangsu has more than 88 courses which are offered to international students in the above division. 

The same are mostly sponsored by the following groups such as:

    • – Mechanical Engineering
    • – Agricultural and Equipment Engineering
    • – Energy and power Engineering
    • – Automative and Traffic Engineering
    • – Material and Scientific Engineering
    • – Electricity and Information Engineering
    • – Food and Biological Engineering
    • – Enviornment and Safety
    • – Civil and Mechanical Engineering
    • – Computer Engineering
    • – Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Other than the Engineering courses there are few offered in the stream of :

  • – Management
  • – Finance and Economics
  • – Marxism
  • – Humanities and Law
  • – Foreign Languages
  • – Art
  • – Teacher Education

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Our Team :

JSU has 5,763 staff individuals (counting those of Affiliated Hospital). 2,475 are employees, including 450 teachers. 54% of them have Ph.D degrees and more than 24% have involvement of abroad examination. The present aggregate enlistment of full-time understudies adds up to more than 33,000, including 10,000 postgraduates, 842 worldwide understudies from 74 nations. Jingjiang College of Jiangsu University has an enlistment of around 10,000 full-time understudies.

Personnel Department:

The personnel of the college is exceedingly qualified and experienced. They utilized their most ideal approaches to educate in the classrooms. Most recent methods are utilized to instruct in the classes. Educators are exceptionally powerful and well disposed. Instructors of the college are additionally prepared time to time to share best of their insight, strategies, and innovation with the understudies.

In Jiangsu Medical University, the instructor demonstrates enthusiasm while encouraging that makes an awesome air and learning condition that helps understudies in picking up information from them. In Jiangsu Medical University, instructors dependably utilize diverse instructing procedures to keep the understudy’s enthusiasm for contemplates. They utilize projectors in the classroom to educate, present’s points in an exhibition which keeps up the understudy’s enthusiasm for the class.

The Jiangsu Medical University gives a stunning stage to every one of the understudies and educators. The earth at the school is awesome. On the off chance that understudies confront any issue, understudies may solicit from any from the staff or any individual in the school everybody is open and well disposed. Each individual of the college encourages each other. Understudies subsequent to finishing their course at the college feel astounded when thinking again into the recollections they caught amid the examination time.

Help Desk:

We at Jiangsu Medical University comprehend that instruction for International understudies present difficulties. It could be any issue identified with your inquiries or some documentation issue which is fundamental amid the movement procedure. It can likewise be the dialect issue, as a large portion of the understudies there can be discovered conveying in the nearby dialect.

To serve in the most widely recognized issues of International Student, the college built up a helpdesk which involves advisors who work 24*7 with the goal that your training isn’t occupied in any way.

The helpdesk advisors manage the issues which include:

  1. Legal Formalities that is required amid confirmation.
  2. Admission advisors ensure understudies agreeableness.
  3. Personal motivational Counseling
  4. Student Loan financing issues that is generally normal.
  5. Accommodation ease and Documentation Issues assuming any.

The college offers a unique instructional meeting for all the global understudies, where they can clear their questions assuming any. In this preparation, they attempt their best to inspire the understudies with the goal that they won’t sway from their point and objectives.